Dynamic Stretching
PVC Stretching

5 Sets of 10 Sec. Lat Holds,
5 Sets of 10 Sec. Slow Eccentric Pull Ups
10 Min. CAP

3 Rounds of 1 Min. each of:
Parallette Shoot throuhs (Push up, shoot through to full hip extension, dip, shoot back to push up position, 1 rep) Box jump overs 24/20, Then See The Light sit ups with plate 45/25, Then a KB clean 35/53, Then Sprint on Bike or Rower for Calories, and then Rest 1 min between each round
18 Min. total.

See the Light SitUps - lying down arms fully extended above chest holding plate, as you sit up move arms to full extension above head.
Fight gone bad style workout. Your score is the number of reps you get and you want to get the highest number you can.  One strategy is to go as hard as you can for 30-40 seconds then recover as you transition. Select the weights you’ll be using after warming up each of the movements and go as hard as you can.